Oliver And Dr Wolf Chapter 2 - Follow Up Doctors Visit

Studio: Fun Size Boys

Its been two weeks since young Olivers first visit to Dr, Wolfs office, and he can still barely believe it happened. His tiny butt was still a little sore from their last encounter, but he had to see the big man again.
Dr. Wolf has a keen mind for reading his patients, especially the boys, and the doctor knows exactly why Oliver made a followup appointment so soon. Dr. Wolf dismisses his nurse for the day when he confirms his suspicions about why Oliver has come. The moment after the door closes, his lips are on Olivers and his hands are caressing the boys small frame. Olivers breath catches in his throat from the sensation of the mans huge hand engulfing his small waist, and he cant stop himself from reaching for Dr. Wolfs crotch.
Lets get you out of those clothes, Dr. Wolf says, and begins to help the boy undress. He smiles at just how small Olivers shoes appear in his huge hands. The boys foot is barely the length of the doctors hand. Dr. Wolf helps Oliver off t! he examination table and leans down to kiss the boy, who has to crane his neck and stand on his toes to kiss him back while his pants are undone. Oliver wore his sexiest undies for Dr. Wolf and the moment the boys shirt is off, the man reaches into them to massage the tiny gay bottoms tight hole.
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