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Steel Chamber

Release Year: 2022 Video language: English The first volume in a promising science fiction saga, this tape features superior lighting, staging and performances. The alluring Jean Bardot strikes an intimidating pose as Rubberella, a fetish queen who rules a post-apocalyptic world. Anastasia Pierce and Paige Richards are acolytes who attempt to turn the tables on their leader. Capturing Rubberella, they toss her into her own conditioning chamber. Down on her knees in a cramped Plexiglas box, she swears revenge. Bearing her teeth and struggling in her skintight black rubber outfit, she is sex defined. Of course, she does escape, and the acolytes suffer her wrath. Hung from hooks and in inflatable rubber bags, buckled tight and wrapped in rubber masks, tortured, and fondled, these girls are terrorized in so many exciting and creative ways. High quality camera work serves to highlight the shining beauty of the costumes and devices, not to mention the magnificent curves of the pe

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